Sunday, July 31, 2016

Apostasy Never Came by Renouncing the Gospel

quote from Hugh Nibley, Temples and Cosmos, pg 395
Just something to consider and think about.... 
Look at the repeated patterns in the scriptures, especially in the Book of Mormon with the Nephite people. How did every group of people fall into apostasy? How did the early Christian church established in the New Testament fall into apostasy? How did the pharisees, scribes, sadducees, and lawyers during the time of Christ lead Judaism into apostasy? How did King Noah and his priest in the book of Mosiah chapter 11 lead their people into apostasy? These religious "chosen" people followed and sustained their "authorized" leaders, but failed in following Jesus Christ. The people failed to obey His voice and keep His commandments(D&C 93:1) and instead trusted in the arm of flesh or man. (2Nephi 4:34, Jeremiah 17:5-7) Those who consider themselves a "chosen" people, who think "all is well in Zion", (2nd Nephi 28:21) please look at yourself for just a moment! Seek for what the Savior of your soul, and not what some religious leader, has to say to you, and deeply ponder your relationship and standing with Christ. Get that perfect brightness of hope, or knowledge, directly from the only viable and dependable source of truth: God Himself. (D&C 93:24-26)

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