Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Delicate Flower

It's a beautiful spring day and flowers are beginning to bloom in some areas here in Utah, and so I decided to go for a run up a mountain peak to clear my mind. It was only a 2000 foot elevation change, but at this time of year it was enough to see the differing stages of development of new life that spring ushers in.
At the base of the trail the trees had fully sprouted with new leaves, and flowers were all along the path. As I ascended, however, the amount of life steadily decreased. About halfway up the trail I could appreciate leaves on stems just beginning to sprout, but as soon as I came across thick snow all I found was barren branches with dead or no leaves. The path was dangerous due to the slippery snow and I fell and stumbled multiple times.
As I climbed I figured I would not be able to appreciate any wildflowers at the top as I did in the beginning of making this ascent because the conditions were not ripe for any growth.
Then I came across these flowers at the peak. They were the only plant life I could find up there. (Not including pine trees) I only took close up photos but if I would have taken this picture a couple steps back at a different angle you would be able to see that the flowers were semi-sheltered by the outcropping cavity of a rock.
When we pursue our dreams and make that upward climb the journey will get more and more treacherous. The bliss of spring we enjoyed at the beginning of the Path may not be so readily accessible as the conditions become more extreme in our ascent. We will be tested and have to endure struggle, issues, and hardships.
I want to appreciate the glorious views the mountain peaks have to offer- I want to experience life to it's full potential, but I am weak. I am a delicate flower! I stumble, fall, and experience pain which I don't fully know how to reconcile. At times that pain causes my own heart to wilter, and in my pain I sometimes hurt others.
But I still desire to enjoy the glorious views life has to offer.
I can only stand in such high places if I do so in the protective shelter of my Rock. Only under That protection will life flourish upon the mountain tops.