Wednesday, June 12, 2019

רוּחַ - ruach

May 19th, 2019

Rauch- In Hebrew, it means breath, wind, or spirit
Ruach can be soft, gentle, and reassuring as it caresses you through the cool breeze of day, singing the warm melodies of spring and summer
It can scorch and leave lands barren with the dry heat of a drought, invading cities with the oppressive dark haboobs of the desert sand
Ruach can call you to adventure, inviting you to pursue your personal legend while carrying with it the scent and song of true love
Or as it did on this peak, Willard's Fin, AKA Lighting Rock, it can chill your face sending shivers down your spine while nearly knocking you down to your knees, deafening you as it roars it's magnificent and awesome power
These pictures may seem pretty peaceful and serene, and the majority of the hike up was. But as we approach the top things became suddenly intense. I think between the snowmelt which created many rapid rivers down the mountain face, the fresh ongoing rainstorm, and the shape of Willard's Fin it was a perfect environment for fierce and fridged gusts of air to encircle us up on "Lighting Rock". We could not hear each other over the chaotic roar of the wind. The wind chill was so cold that my phone kept dying despite it being fully charged. Major photo credit to @parker1349 , he was about to collapse because of the crushing force of the wind making it hard to stand and difficult to breathe, yet he still managed to get some awesome shots.
Live from the breath of Life
Fill yourself with the Spirit
Let His winds carry you
Embrace and inhale the ruach of God

Parker and I went up to Willard's Fin to commune with and worship God.  Hiking up mountains has become a normal thing for Sunday Sabbath Day observance.   At the top the wind was so powerful and chilling Parker couldn't spend too much time and had to descend before me.  I spent some time alone in the roaring wind.  I began to pray to God about my particular issues and offerings.  As I did the winds ceased.  When I ended my prayer the wind resumed its mighty roar.   

I met up with Parker little ways down the fin.  We found shelter among the rocks and trees around the spot the last photo above was captured at.  Despite the covering, the wind was still deafening (Well maybe not for Parker ;) ) 

Here we began to break and bless the sacrament.  As we did the winds once again ceased and remain calm.  While we enjoyed the Lord's Supper I asked the question out loud, "I know there are references in scripture to God's voice be likened unto rushing waters, Is there any references in scripture to God's voice being like roaring wind?" 

Parker mutter the word "Ruach". At that precise moment, the wind roared through the trees and rocks, louder than what we experienced at the fin.  It shooks and startled us.  It was so sudden and grand that it left us speechless for many seconds as we processed what just happen.  We then burst into laughter!

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