Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Moving - May 14th

I love how Mother Earth changes. I love how the moon that dances around Her is constantly waxing or waning, leaving time for dark nights of epic star gazing or serene moonlit evenings. I love observing the passing of Her seasons, appreciating all the diversity of Her unique beauty that can only be celebrated in specific seasons when conditions are just right.
Life is constantly moving- constantly progressing into something more through creation or decaying through entropy. Nature is a constant state of change and transformation and if we want to engage Life we need to learn how to embrace change and transformation ourselves. Acknowledge the season of life we are in and seek to understand how we can develop through it the fullest.
I moved to Cache Valley at the end of fall. I left at the start of spring. I had plans to enjoy the summer outdoors this place has to offer, but Life is taking me elsewhere.
Logan is known for it's fridged winters, and I resided here through those dark cold months. In that time I experienced many struggles and wrestled with my own darkness many times. However, I was never alone in it. I had my best friends and I had my God, Jesus Christ, in every difficulty. My time in Cache Valley was not what I expected it to be like, but it was beautiful none-the-less. I value what I learned and discovered here in the dark and cold time, blessing both the positive and negative experiences as beneficial. I hope to take that experience and light into the brighter days and warmer seasons Life has in store.

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