Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Reclaiming Child-Like Awe and Wonder in the Face of Suffering

The willingness to return to the child-like awe and wonder of Life in spite of the trials and tragedies that beset us in our lives is one the greatest defenses we have against the snares of resentment and self-pity. It's voluntarily returning to the paradise and innocence of Eden, but this time with the intelligence and wisdom gained through our struggles on earth. It is standing uprightly and boldly before God, in spite of the scars we bear in our nakedness because we are confident in His Love.

The Buddha teaches that life is suffering. That is true. It's when we are open to reconciling that suffering with God we receive a deeper measure of Love and a greater understanding of the pain. Those who surrender themselves to the hands of God see God's hands in all things. They evolve through their trials. They can appreciate life, the good and the bad, much more deeply because they comprehend the meaning of the experiences. They can experience the highs of life in fullness because they've sunk low enough to discover their foundation in Jesus Christ. They can love deeper because they are acquainted with grief and familiar with sorrow.

Life is full of storms but peace is still attainable in the midst of such chaos. Jordan Peterson taught me in his book about chaos that you have to be alert when you're suffering, you have to be alert to the beauty in life, the unexpected beauty of life. You have to look for that little bit of sparkling crystal in the darkness when things are bad. You have to look and see where things are still beautiful.

If we chose to see and appreciate the transcendent beauty of life in the face of suffering and struggle, maybe we would see God. We would see light and be filled with that light. The world would shine brighter through our light instead of darkening though our resentment. We could reclaim our child-like awe for life and bring Heaven on Earth.

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